AJK Group began operations in Cyprus in May 1993, and has since evolved into a highly respected Wealth Management and Global Business Services Group, operating from its independent fully fledged offices.

The Group employs multi-lingual and multi-disciplined professionals and supporting staff, with significant expertise in the global financial and corporate services industries. This enables the Group to provide a fully comprehensive collection of Wealth Management and Global Business Services to its international clientele.


Our Group maintains a boutique type operation and targets firms and High Net Worth individuals. The focus is on quality rather than quantity.

Clients are serviced on an individual basis, are personally known to us and frequently visited by the Group’s executives. This personal approach allows the Group to have fewer yet carefully selected clients and to employ more robust due diligence and acceptance procedures.

Our Group’s vertically integrated infrastructure in conjunction with our presence in major Financial Centers around the world, allows us to offer a truly unique and comprehensive Wealth Management Offering package.


Dr Andreas Karapatakis

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, 1964
Group Founder & Managing Director
B.A, M.A., Ph.D., Economics from the University of Connecticut (U.S.A.)

Mr. Marios Vardas

Born in Famagusta, Cyprus, 1973
Director, Wealth Management Division
B.Sc. Business Studies from the University of Indianapolis (U.S.A.)

Mr. Nicos Christou

Born in Larnaca, Cyprus, 1980
Director, Zurich Office
B.Sc. Economics and History from the Indiana University (U.S.A.)

Mr. Socrates Philippou

Born in Larnaca, Cyprus, 1978
Director,Wealth Management Division
B.A. Accounting & Finance, M.B.A from the University of Connecticut (U.S.A.)



Private consultations in order to identify and assess your needs and offer tailor-made solutions to address your financial, investment and other personal requirements. These tailor-made solutions are supported by our global network of AJK Group offices and other specialized professional associates.


Forming and administrating International Trusts and underlying Companies to complement your existing corporate and financial structures or personal dispositions. Amongst other things, these structures safeguard the succession of your personal assets in the unfortunate event of incapacitation or demise.


Opening Personal, Corporate and/or Trust banking accounts through our network of Prime Banking Organizations situated in various financial centers in Asia, Europe and Switzerland. Opening such accounts requires a minimum amount of funds ranging from USD 1 to 2 million depending on the Bank to be selected. With a lower financial commitment, you can utilize AJK Wealth’s Omnibus Account in London or Cyprus.


Portfolio Management is offered by our In-House Portfolio Management Department and/or through our extensive network of well-established External Asset Managers situated in various financial centers around the world. Our core philosophy focuses on Wealth Preservation & Income Distribution, however, other strategies are also possible through our network of External Asset Managers. For investors with lower financial commitment, we may still construct a well-diversified Bond Portfolio by utilizing AJK Wealth’s Omnibus Account. Other alternatives could be to invest in Structured Notes of prime banks or Bond Funds of well-established External Asset Managers which replicate a portfolio of bonds.


  • Monitoring & Asset Consolidation
  • Investment Advisory
  • Reception & Transmission
  • Global Custody
  • Citizenship & Residency Schemes
  • Concierge


Do you feel uncomfortable having your assets booked in one financial institution or one financial center?
AJK has created robust relationships with a wide network of prime Banking Organizations situated in various financial centers around the world, such as London, Zurich, Singapore and elsewhere, helping you diversify your assets not only across banks but also across regions.

Does your idle cash generate dismal returns and you seek solutions aiming to preserve your assets whilst generating a steady flow of income?
Our specialized Portfolio Managers can structure portfolios primarily with global corporate and government bonds for efficient diversification whilst enjoying a predictable flow of income. Moreover, our network of prime Banking Institutions can offer a broad range of portfolio management solutions based on your specific requirements and expectations.
Are Private Banks unwilling to open an account as your portfolio size does not meet their minimum requirements?

AJK can still provide you with Portfolio Management services through its Omnibus Account using as Custodian a reputable Banking Institution in London. This enables proper diversification of relatively smaller portfolios, as high minimum denominated bonds can be allocated across a number of portfolios under AJK Wealth’s custody so as to provide an investment opportunity even for our smaller but valued clients.

Do you maintain too many bank accounts and you feel lost?
AJK can provide you with a comprehensive overview encompassing all of your assets and portfolios, your total wealth and overall performance. Through our tailor-made software we can generate your Asset Consolidation Report in a format which is easily comprehended.

Do you feel that your Asset Manager is not giving you proper attention and/or transparent information regarding the management of your portfolios?
AJK’s firm commitment is to provide accurate, transparent and swift reporting not only regarding your portfolio’s investments but also regarding any and all costs and fees relating to the management of your portfolio.

Are you are worried about the secure passing of your personal assets/estate to your family?
AJK has the expertise and required regulatory licenses to offer Trusts ensuring succession to the family members which you will select and ensure funding for their personal needs, schooling, healthcare and welfare, in the unfortunate event of your incapacitation or demise.


  • Fully Independent and not owned by any Bank or any Big-4 company
  • Strong affiliations with a number of prime banks around the world, giving us an important and extensive advantage in obtaining timely world-class research
  • Access to major financial centers around the world through our Group’s own fully fledged offices, able to directly source investment opportunities
  • Strong client base with significant wealth portfolios maintained in private banks placing us in a competitive position in obtaining better pricing and also access to initial public offerings
  • Deep and extensive insight and understanding of the industry and significant know-how due to our background and experience of the Global Financial Markets
  • Honest, Trustworthy, Caring, Qualified, Professional and Competent personnel